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We carefully select each and every track with purpose

In crafting in your sound we first develop a music concept, a unique collection of songs that define the core elements, from which the playlist evolves. The music concept is based on key customers, brand values, and the desired level of customer interaction with the music. What follows is an example of a music concept we developed for a leading women's fashion retailer.

Key Customer

“She’s smart but not pretentious, contemporary and modern but not trendy…”

The music shouldn’t sound dated but lean toward today’s quality adult-relevant artists like Bruno Mars, Adele, John Mayer, Maroon 5, Sam Smith, and OneRepublic. (Avoid trendy pop with a short shelf life.)

Brand Values

"We radiate a feminine vibe, letting her know we are catering to her every need…”

Feature positive ‘women's’ songs like “What A Girl Wants”, “I’m Every Woman”, "All Dressed In Love", "The Look Of Love", "Respect", and "Independent Woman." (Avoid songs that could be considered disrespectful.)

Level of Interaction

“The music should definitely be noticed and connect, but not overwhelm or intrude…”

In high-fidelity showcase full rich production values, with a meaningful tempo but not overbearing.  Use artists like Sara Bareilles, Michael Bublé, Jason Mraz, Alicia Keys, Keane, and Coldplay. (Avoid strident or edgy elements like pounding bass or screeching guitar.)

We use high-quality digital audio

Indistinguishable from Analog

How good your music sounds starts with having high-quality digitized versions. For the best sound reproduction songs should be digitized with a high Sample Rate and a high Bit Depth. We use the recording industry standard, which are a sample rate of 44.1khz and a bit depth of 16-bits. Looking above at the analog waveform (the green line) you will notice that it's a smoother line, whereas the digitized waveform (the black dots) are staggered points that are along a similar path. You can imagine the sample rate and bit depth as lines on a piece of graph paper. A sample rate of 44.1khz means there are 44,100 samples in each second of sound (vertical lines).  A bit depth of 16-bits means there are 65,536 possible values for each sample (horizontal lines). The digitized version can only be represented at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines.


And we don't overcompress it

Optimized for retail environments

The initial goal of audio compression was to produce 'acceptable' results when using an Audio Encoding Rate (a.k.a. Bit Rate) of 128kbps for MP3 audio files, which is a staggering data compression rate of 91% of the uncompressed file. Unfortunately, this much compression introduces many unacceptable side-effects. Most noticeable to the ear are the loss of high and low frequencies (richness and fullness) and the blending of sounds together. To see visual of this compare the two waveforms above. The top has a high audio encoding rate (less compression) and the bottom has a low audio encoding rate (more compression). As you can see due to compression, and a related lower sample rate, the waveform is changed. Most providers still use encoding rates below 128kbps. Our default is 320kbps because that is the audio encoding rate where the human ear can't detect a difference from the original.

We keep things running smoothly

And we guarantee it

Delivering music to your business retail environment involves more than just picking the right tracks and ensuring they are high-quality. It requires a reliable delivery platform. For us that means every aspect of the delivery from the media player and location monitoring to having a professional customer service team ready to handle any problems if they occur. We know you don't want your Associates dealing with distractions, which is why if we can't fix a problem quickly we will send a replacement. We are so confident in our solution that we even guarantee our performance.

Our Media Player is a purpose built and secure appliance designed for the scheduling and playback of high-quality music and messaging. Our player is designed to be self-installed when needed. We also offer a web-based dashboard that provides you with the status for each of your players.


Proactive location monitoring is a vital part of our proven methodology for addressing issues before they become problems. Each of our media players reports their status and performance metrics to us every 15 minutes. This allows us to capture and address issues quickly.

Quality Customer Service is more than a live person with a friendly voice. It is well trained professionals that act with a sense of urgency and who know our platform top to bottom, can identify and fix problems in a short period of time, and follow up to ensure success and satisfaction.

Service Level Agreements demonstrate our dedication and commitment to providing a service with near-zero downtime. An SLA also helps set expectations and creates transparency. For each 1% of downtime we will provide 10% as a service credit, up to 100% of the monthly bill.